Welcome to the Stephen Palmer Partnership

Providing training and consultancy services for 20 years

The Stephen Palmer Partnership Ltd was established in 2003. It is the external consultancy and training arm of the International Academy for Professional Development and associated Centres (Centre for Coaching & Centre for Stress Management). The Centre for Stress Management has been providing a range of services since 1987.

The Stephen Palmer Partnership provides a consultancy, coaching and training service. In association with the International Academy we can provide in-house professional body recognised and approved programmes in coaching, coaching psychology and performance. These courses can be adapted according to the needs of organisations and staff.

Currently our training, consultancy, coaching and supervision services are generally provided over the Zoom Virtual Platform. We may undertake on-site services depending upon the location.


Professional Body Recognised Training

Our professional body recognised and approved programmes can be run in-house for your organisation. Some of the courses can be adapted for the needs of your company. For further details of our courses please visit our training centre websites: Centre for Stress ManagementCentre for Coaching.

Coaching services

Our experienced and qualified coaches/coaching psychologists can offer coaching to your staff. Coaching can be undertaken using the Zoom or Skype platforms or telephone. For a higher fee, face-to-face meetings are also possible.

Supervision services

Our team members are chartered psychologists and can provide a coaching supervision service.

Research & Consultancy

Our consultants and associates can undertake research and consultancy services. Most are Chartered Psychologists and Chartered Scientists.